Thursday, November 28, 2013

Outfit: Casually Smart (A Long Sleeves Sweater)

Sweater: Bossini | Collared shirt: A&Fitch | Shorts: Revolt | Creepers: Asos | Necklace: a gift | Eyewear: Eye Channel
Another prayer request regarding my homeschool was once again answered. My textbooks have arrived-or should I say 3 out of 8 of my books arrived but...Yay anyway! Thank you God. 

Can you tell that I'm really looking forward to starting school at home? Well, I hope it shows in my look today. You see, what I like about square-framed specs is the way they let you seem to be--SMART. LOL. Seriously, I think that with they right color and size, they could look good on anyone. This outfit is one of my favorites 'cause it gives off an intelligent vibe without relinquishing comfort. The lime green collared shirt adds a nice change to a plain sweater while the coral-like necklace brings life to the whole upper look. Overall, it's kinda laid-back in a stylish way.

There's still no definite time yet on when I would start homeschool but one thing is for sure: I know it would push through. J
How about you guys? How are you?

Hope everyone doing good.

Stay Wonderful!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Outfit: Just Right (A Sweater Vest)

Backpack: Mossimo | Sweater vest and Tank top: thrift | Jeggings: Jag | Boots: Joy & Peace 
Sleeveless sweater vests are one of my fave fashion pieces 'cause they serve me just right. They give you a bit of a warmth on slightly chilly days without feeling too covered  up when Mr. Sun takes control. I am most in love with them when paired with jeggings (of course!) and high-cut boots. 

Definitely a silly grin on the left. LOL

For other updates. I'll be going to the city (with my Mom and Dad) on Monday next week to pick up the available books for my homeschool (YAY!) then head to the university where I'll be doing a fashion show (WOOHOO!) for Wednesday. Obviously, I'm exzzzoited!!!
Well, that's all for now...

Stay Wonderful!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Model Diaries: My 1st Fashion Show ❤

Hi! I haven't blogged much lately 'cause I went to this and that--from workshop matters/modeling rehearsals to family & friend travels. Yeah, I could say that I was quite busy and there were some concerns I needed to take care of. BUT, everything's fine now! 
Golly, pink all over!

It was only a dream before. I supposed it would remain as it is.
 I've waited and prayed. I considered giving up at some point when nothing was happening. Or so I thought...
Yet, God still honored my patience and knew what I really wanted in my heart from the very start.
As it says in Ecclessiates 3:11, "He has made everything beautiful in its time." Well, He did that day and I believe in the other days to come...

4 days ago, it was my graduation (from the 1 month workshop) and oh my gosh, my very first fashion show!
I've enjoyed every minute of it starting from the rehearsals/workshop until the end of the show. The walking,  the posing, the outfit & the lights, and being the center of attention for even just a few minutes total. It's an amazing feeling!
I knew that this is what I would love to do the moment I walked down the runway. Thank goodness I wasn't a nervous wreck! HAHA

With Tricia. We're both the tallest in the group. I know she'll be taller than me 'cause I'm 17 and she's just 13! WOW.
Colors, colors, colors!
Our #1 supporters, our mothers.
(photos above from PrimaFashionista Group of Models)

(photos below from Janice, co-model)
with Janice and Sophia

Just wait and believe...

Stay Wonderful!


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